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All members of the Association are accredited civil and commercial Mediators. Those who are full panel members are commended as mediators and marked "Panel". Those who are associate members are marked "Associate" and whilst fully accredited have done insufficient mediations in the past year to qualify for panel. You have the choice of selecting your own mediator from the membership list, asking us to recommend a mediator or mediators from the panel members.

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Tips for searching:
You can search singly on name, address, profession, training, speciality or on all five fields together.

For example, to search for mediators in Leeds, type 'Leeds' (no quotes) in the search box. If you want to search for mediators who are barristers in Leeds, type 'Barrister AND Leeds' (no quotes) in the search box. If there are too many matches, narrow your search by choosing the first part of the postcode, (eg LS1) or speciality (eg personal injury).