General Practitioners (GPs)

"Especially in smaller organisations, those caught up in a dispute can be too personally involved to see 'the wood for the trees'. A skillful intervention by an independent third party allows everyone to step back, to take stock and to re-frame - and then to move forward constructively" 

Jeff Monks, Academy for Chief Executives

Whether you have issues within your partnership about contractual matters, finances or relationships, or whether you have a problem with a staff member related to employment matters, we can help.stethoscope

Our specialist panel members have expertise in dispute resolution in GP practices, in PCTs and in NHS matters, in charities and in care providers. We work on a fixed fee or a 'pay as you go' basis.

So for an exploratory discussion about how mediation might resolve your concerns or to discuss other employment problems, contact ANM Chairman Anthony Glaister

Tel - 0844 561 1763

or mobile - 07764626549