The Association of Northern Mediators

The ANM started in 1996 to focus Northern England and North Wales on mediation. It's inclusive membership of mediators has grown from 12 to over 100. In that time it has run annual summer schools and training events to all mediators and users of mediation both actual and potential, with links to over 10 universities and colleges.

our mission

Civil & Commercial Mediators in Northern England

We are a mutual, independent group of mediators. You can choose a mediator from this site by browsing the specialist lists or by searching for a name or speciality.

You can also have a mediator appointed using our scheme or by asking for three recommended mediators. There is a choice of either direct or on line mediation services.

We run mediation and other ADR services throughout northern England

A leaflet with general information on mediation is also available.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) embraces all those methods of resolving disputes that are alternative to the formal processes of litigation and arbitration. This includes third party assessment right the way across to straightforward negotiations.

Mediation, the most common form of ADR, involves the participation of a neutral mediator to assist the parties in the dispute to reach a settlement. Mediators are not there to make decisions. It is a voluntary process that is aimed at getting the parties to reach a binding agreement when direct negotiations fail, with fewer costs, less disruption to management time and often with better solutions than litigation. It is confidential and in no way prejudices the parties' rights outside the mediation. Mediation cannot guarantee a settlement although the vast majority of disputes do settle either in the mediation or shortly afterwards.